A Twist Of The Wrist


Keith Code

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A Twist of the Wrist has been the high performance riders bible for over 20 years. Key elements of cornering were discovered and refined as no book as ever been done in the past.

How many kinds of corners are there?
How does a rider figure out a line?
What are the key visual skills?
How do you figure out a corner?
How do you spot a riding barrier?
What is the purpose of braking?
How do riders create their own panic and make things worse?
How can decisions you have made cause problems?
Does trying not to crash make things better or worse?
How do you organize riding priorities?

A Twist of the Wrist provides anyone with an unforgettable, simple form to shape their riding and it applies to all situations.

This interactive CD contains the text, drawings, diagrams, illustrations and photographs from the original book, Twist of the Wrist, plus 97 video clips and 75 new audio comments by Keith. It literally puts this vital information at your fingertips.

Gain the same knowledge that countless street riders and scores of racing champions have used to identify their barriers and build a solid foundation for riding confidence.