Motocross & Off-Road Training


Mark Thompson

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“With millions of participants worldwide, motocross and off-road motorcycle riding are the most popular amateur motorsports in the world—and, many agree, the most physically demanding. For a sport that asks so much of so many, a training manual is a must—and this one is the very first to make the necessary know-how accessible to the amateur rider. While providing sound advice for the would-be Ricky Carmichael of tomorrow, this handbook offers a no-nonsense, real-world approach that the average racer or rider can understand—and turn into real results.

Among the topics the book covers are: weight training and proper nutrition in a fast-food world; age-specific training programs; gear; scheduling; staying hydrated, healthy, and injury-free: keeping a log; cross-training; balance, reflexes, and flexibility—and how to improve all three; race-day warm-ups and stretches; arm pump and how to train it out of your system; taking it to the next level—for the would-be pro riders; trainers, gyms, online, and published guidance; and staying motivated and avoiding burnout.”