Porsche Museum The Cars


F. Porsche

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Smart design solutions, pioneering technology and classic vehicles all come together at the new Porsche Museum at Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen. Housed at Porsche’s headquarters, the museum displays the diversity of the Porsche brand to international visitors. This museum guide walks the reader through the Porsche Museum’s chronological design for its exhibition, describing all the vehicles and tracing Porsche’s history from 1900’s legendary Lohner-Porsche-the world’s first hybrid automobile-to the present crop of 911 Turbo Porsches. The Cars traces the evolution of Porsche’s always ambitious design ideals, which revolve around speed, lightness and strength-still the firm’s guiding watchwords. This book illustrates and discusses every vehicle exhibited in the Porsche Museum, combining recent studio images with material from the Porsche archive to produce a comprehensive survey of Porsche’s most important vehicles.