Alfa Romeo GTA Schede di Omolo


Mario Tabucchi

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Homologation specifications have always been used to give detailed descriptions of the series of modifications permitted by the C.S.A.I. (Italian Motor Sport Commission) of a car destined to compete in motor sport. Defined also as fiches, they also permit the authorities to verify the regularity of the car with the greatest possible precision. Such precious documents are of particular value after so many years have passed in the conservation and restoration of any vintage car, those being the elements that must be used for the preservation of a historic vehicle. This small volume contains the anastatic reproduction of the homologation specifications of the Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GTA, GTA 1300 Junior and GT AM. To make it all the more valuable, this publication contains the official documentation with all the technical characteristics and the levels of control relative to the corresponding production models. This publication, produced as a limited edition, is available only from the chain of specialised book shops and completes the volume written by Maurizio Tabucchi entitled “Alfa Romeo GTA Leggera e Vincente” published by the same company. Size: 15×21 cms – Pages: 132 – Text: Italian