Racing Sports Cars Memories of the Fifties


Art Evans

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Top Drivers Remember Tracks and Roads

Back in the fifties, the definition of a sports car was one that could be not only used as a daily driver, but also raced in an organized event. Cars and drivers of all abilities took to the field, resulting in some wild and wooley wheel-to-wheel action. It also resulted in some amazing photographs. This book combines those photos with first-hand accounts of more than 60 top drivers, some of whom went on to become world famous. The book is composed of 50 chapters, each dedicated to a different marque. A full-page photograph and explanatory text describes each model-74 in all-often with a driver who describes the car along with personal experiences. Each chapter also includes a short biography of the individual most associated with the creation of the car, Enzo Ferrari, John Cooper, Sydney Allard and Ferry Porsche to cite a few. The 274-page book is illustrated with logos of each make plus more than 200 period photographs. What the book amounts to is a very personalized history of sports car racing during the 1950s.