Harrell Engines & Racing Equipment


Jim & Nick Harrell


This book describes the forty year journey through hot rodding taken by Jim (White) Harrell & Nick Harrell. Jim’s career in building race cars takes us through some of the most interesting times in land racing. It started in the early 1930s with Jim and his Speed Shop in Los Angeles building and racing 4-cylinder Chevy and Ford engines; he was among the first to move into 8-cylinder engines with his record-breaking Hudson straight eight at the dry lakes; it wasn’t long before he was also setting records in his V-8 Ford and Mercury engines; and finally, by 1960, he was moving into the OHV V-8 engines to set new records at the drag strips in Roadster and Altered Roadster classes. During WW II, Jim was joined by his brother, Nick, in Harrell Engines for 25 years of hot rodding. To this day, Nick is remembered fondly by those who knew him. This volume with the aid of some 50 photos and images spanning four decades briefly describes Jim and Nick Harrell’s hot rodding lives and their legacy.