The American Motorcycle Girls: A Photographic History Of Early Women Motorcyclists


Cris Sommer Simmons

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A photographic history of early women motorcyclists.

From promo shots of rough-n-tumble daredevils to glamorous women in period finery, each of these images tells a story. Captions often list the names of the women with a brief interesting note. In American Motorcycle Girls you’ll meet Alice Brady, a stunt rider who rode The Wall of Death and whose mischievous smile lies beneath perfectly painted lips. Did you know that the first issue of The Motorcyclist (which eventually became the AMA’s official publication) had a woman rider on its cover? Only a small portion of the images in the book comes from advertisements. Most are snapshots, casual pictures or news photos, with a few publicity shots. The book is written by Christine Sommer Simmons a three-time motorcycle hall of fame inductee, who obviously relishes the rich history of women riders.

Hardcover 240 pages