Muscle Car Dream Garages


Simon Green

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“The heart-racing power, speed and performance of American muscle cars inspire enthusiasts and collectors from all walks of life. Of all the cars that stir the blood, few have the cool of the classic American muscle car, with its racetrack-ready horsepower and handling, freeze-frame good looks, and bad-boy charm. It comes as no surprise that the coolest of our celebrities keep muscle cars in their garages. In this book, stars of football and film, motorcycle racing and rap, TV and BMX open those garages to show off their prized muscle cars. This peek inside the private worlds and personal passions provides insight into the personality of the owner that you won’t see anywhere else. Whether you’re a muscle car enthusiast or simply have interest in seeing the hobbies and passions of these diverse celebrities, this book is a must have.

Muscle Car Dream Garages gives readers a rare glimpse into the worlds of celebrities from all genres… from TJ Lavin from MTV to Thomas DuPont of DuPont Registry to Chris Wilcox of NBA fame and Hip Hop Artist Funk Master Flex. Readers can explore the garages and adrenaline-pumping muscle cars of sixteen different celebrities! ”