The Legendary 2.3


Simon Moore

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“Simon Moore’s first book, The Immortal 2.9, was published by Parkside in 1986 and met with instant critical acclaim. It won the Nicholas-Joseph Cugnot Award, presented by the Society of Automotive Historians, as the Best Automotive Book of 1986. The book broke new ground for an automotive publication by focussing upon the histories of the individual Alfa Romeo 8C2900 cars of the late 1930s. Several commentators have included The Immortal 2.9 on their lists of the best automotive books of all time. A new edition of The Immortal 2.9 is being released in November, 2008.
Following in the tradition of The Immortal 2.9 — Simon’s second book, The Legendary 2.3 — a long-awaited history of the remarkable 8C2300 Alfa Romeo sports and racing cars produced from 1931 to 1934. The Legendary 2.3 chronicles the colorful individual histories of almost all of the 188 cars produced in the 8C2300 series.