Vukovich American Achievement


Bob Gates


This is the story of the Vukovich family from Fresno, California and the most famous member of the family, Bill Vukovich, who led the Indianapolis 500 every year from 1952 to 1955. He crashed when the steering broke with 8 laps to go in 1952, won in 1953 and 1954 and crashed fatally after 57 laps of the 1955 race. He raced and won in every kind of speedway open-wheeler.
The book tells his remarkable story including the Rex Dean report on Bill Vukovich’s 1955 crash. It also tells of the life and career of Bill Vukovich Junior, Bill’s son, who never quite won at Indianapolis, and the tragically short career of Billy, Bill’s grandson, to whose memory the book is dedicated. It’s a great story about a great driver and not to be missed by any fan of the Indianapolis 500 or speedway racing.