RX-7 Mazda’s Rotary Engine Sports Car


Brian Long Takaharu “Koby” Kobayakawa


Updated & Enlarged 3rd Edition!

New edition of the definitive international history of Mazda’s extraordinarily successful Wankel-engined coupes & roadsters right up to the end of production and the introduction of the RX-8. This book gives advice on buying your own RX-7, and covers the RX-7 in motorsport, as well as listing production figures.

Mazda launched its first rotary-engined car – the Cosmo – in 1966 and was the only car manufacturer to solve the major problems associated with Wankel’s radical engine design so that the unit’s potential could be exploited and enjoyed. Launched in 1978, the RX-7 provided effortless and uncannily smooth performance, attributes that endeared the model to enthusiasts through three generations of production. With each reincarnation the RX-7 became more of a Grand Tourer and less of a sportscar (a mantle handed on to the MX-5/Miata); global sales reduced as the car moved upmarket until, in the new millennium, the model was only sold in its native Japan.

Heavily illustrated with good quality colour photographs, this book provides an in-depth insight into this amazing production automobile. “A must have for any RX7 enthusiast.