Rebel Rebel: Breadvan: The Most Recognizable Ferrari in the World


Marc Sonnery  Keith Bluemel


In 1960 Ferrari was at the top of its game-all-conquering around the world. By 1962, in endurance GT and sports car racing, you needed a 250 GTO to win. But to buy a GTO you had to be on Enzo Ferrari’s personal list. Wealthy racer Count Volpi of the Scuderia Serenisssima Republica Di Venezia was struck-off when found to be in bed with the enemy: a team of Ferrari deserters. No GTO, then, for Volpi! So he built his own. This is that car’s intriguing story, from Le Mans and Monte Carlo to Hollywood junkyard. Volpi’s GTO was a one-off re-work of a 250 GT, serial number 2819, clothed in the most outrageous, voluptuous body culminating at the rear with a dramatic, foreshortened, vertical Kamm-tail. Hence breadvan and arguably the most recognizable Ferrari in the world. And ironically it was neither designed nor built by Ferrari!