Porsche Speedster Legends 1954 – 2020


Andreas Gabriel


The fact that Porsche owes a not insignificant part of its legendary reputation to the Speedster makes this synoptic consideration of its entire history all the more interesting! It begins with a meeting between Professor Ferdinand Porsche and US importer Max Hoffman at the Paris Motor Show in 1950 and ends with the most recent Porsche Speedster in 2020.

The book entitled “Porsche Speedster Legends 1954-2020” will be published as a limited edition of 1954 books on 28 August 2020. This volume pays homage to the most beautiful and sought-after Porsche models of all time.

Special features in this book

  • Detailed purchasing advice and price trends
  • Extensive information about special models
  • Unpublished documents and photographs for Speedster history