This & That about the Ercoupe


Paul R Prentice


The adventure of ownership, flying, and DIY maintenance of the classic Ercoupe aircraft. It addresses the FAA regulations and appropriate procedures that allow you to do much of your own maintenance. Descriptive color photographs and sketches aid in understanding the mechanical and pre-flight requirements for safe and affordable operations and ownership. The book is a study for the DIY who wants to do as much of the maintenance as the FAA will allow. Included are charts and tables about engine diagnostic analysis, torque value for bolts and nuts, landing gear maintenance, fuel system, etc. The book promotes safety for the pilot by encouraging an understanding of how things work and addresses some of the NO-NO’s which should be avoided. The objective is to enjoy and have fun owning a classic Ercoupe. In addition, there are adventure stories and color aerial photo’s submitted by Ercoupe Pilots sharing their cross country flying experience. For the wannabe pilot, here is an opportunity to preview what he/she can expect with that new license and a Fly-About (open or closed) convertible Ercoupe.