Jaguar XK 120: The Anatomy of a Cult Object – Volume 2


Schmid, Urs


Finally, Urs Schmid’s fantastic second volume about the Jaguar XK 120 is available in English! Ten years after the publication of the first volume of his monumental work about the Jaguar XK 120, which was greeted with acclaim and praise throughout the Jaguar community, Volume 2 in the new English edition is now available…

Whilst Volume 1 covered mostly the technical components and vehicle construction, in Volume 2 the author records the fine details of the engine compartment, interior, boot, body trim and optional extras, while also providing contemporary documentation (such as the paperwork that accompanied cars when new, manuals, catalogues and advertising material). Colour finishes are examined in detail (including body colour schemes, colour swatches and paint mixing formulas). The countless modifications and changes to the basic configuration made to the XK 120 during its production are also described in depth, with a painstaking thoroughness and a love for detail to which probably no other single model series has ever before been subjected.

The appendix includes a chronology of trim changes, a list of 1950s suppliers to Jaguar, an international schedule of competition successes as well as a comprehensive sporting history of the private Swiss XK 120 owners – an aspect of the XK 120 legend previously given far too little attention in Jaguar literature.

Crucially, in his quest for authenticity the author once again bases his researches on the examination of original, unrestored XK 120s and components. The result is a comprehensive collection of colour and black and white photographs and illustrations which are totally authentic and illustrate all the details described in the text. So the book transports the reader on a fascinating journey into the world of XK originality.

The sheer inexhaustible amount of information is further enhanced by the aesthetic photographic treatment and the artistic presentation of the material. Hence the work does full justice to the style icon that was the XK 120. It will surely serve to preserve the heritage of a motoring legend for the generations to come while being an essential aid to those restoring or improving an XK 120.

It comes complete with an outer dust cover and this English language standard version is bound in the original Suede Green shade of Rexine as used for the XK120 interiors, this material coming from a special run of Rexine from the original suppliers in England.