FACEL VEGA, le grand tourisme à la française 1939-1964




Based on a completely new documentation, this book reveals for the first time all aspects – technical, human, financial and political – in the history of Jean Daninos, the Facel Vega,  Facel and society. Jean Daninos, the creator of the brand, has given the world a series of  Grand Touring cars that could compete with the biggest names in the automobile industry. The Facel Vega fought on equal terms with Ferrari, Aston Martin, Mercedes 300 SL … In addition to their outstanding performance, the Facel Vega had a luxury and unparalleled comfort for this class of cars. Many celebrities adopted  this exceptional car, ambassador of Parisian chic, royalty, Hollywood stars, captains of industry, politicians of all countries were attracted to this amazing marque. Sporty as well as luxurious, the Facel Vega were also personal cars owned by race drivers such as Stirling Moss, Maurice Trintignant and Nano Da Silva Ramos. For the ambassadors and politicians, Jean Daninos created the Excellence sedan whose stunning luxury has never been surpassed to this day in French production. The Facellia, launched in 1959, complemented the range, designed by Facel to counter Porsche, Alfa Romeo and MG … With his personal dynamism, political support, relying on teams of engineers and craftsmen at top of their game,the company did succeed, despite immense difficulties, to survive until 1964. Successively launching the fabulous Facel II, the seductive Facel III and Facel 6 promising … Dive into the spirit of the time, give yourself a time travel: you will discover the exciting Facel adventure!
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