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“The OFFICIAL 2011 Race Video Blue Ray

The Most Unique Video Ever Produced About Unlimited Gold Air Racing Pilots.

2011 was a very different year for air racing due to the tragic crash on Race Friday, so only qualifying heats were held and no races that yielded winners were completed.

In order to produce a video that was unlike any other we decided to interview every living unlimited gold winner — from the first Reno Air Races in 1964 through 2010 — and find out what gives them the drive, devotion, and passion to fly, race, and win.

In addition we interviewed others who are closely tied to helping the pilots win and a special introduction by Bob Gandt, author of Fly Low, Fly Fast, the ultimate book on Reno Air Racing.

You’ll hear from all of your favorite unlimited gold winning pilots including: Mira Slovak, Darryl Greenamyer, Bruce Lockwood, John Penney, Ron Hevle, Dennis and Brian Sanders, Skip Holm, Mike Brown, Steve Hinton, and the youngest and most recent winner, Steven Hinton.

Find out how they got started racing, what drives them to race and win! What makes a good racing pilot, how to build a winning team at Reno, what was their wildest Mayday, who mentored them, and some very special stories about Reno over the years and so much more!

Special appearances by key crew members: Bill Kerchenfaut, Chris Wood, “Secret” Pete Law, and David “LD” Hughes. George Mokski talks about getting the first Reno event started in 1964. Reno Air Race Association President Mike Houghton and Media and Public Relations Director Valerie Miller-Moore share their love of air racing and what the future holds for Reno.

Special thanks to Mr. Robert “R.A. Bob” Hoover sharing his insight and memories of 48 years of Reno history. Bob led the Unlimiteds down the chute in his Ole Yeller P-51 for 30 years and uttered the most famous words in air racing history: “Gentlemen you have a race.”