Bugatti Magnum


H. G. Conway


1st Edition of Bugatti Magnum hundreds of pages of in depth Bugatti information and even more illustrations. This copy is #1130 out of only 2000. The engine turned case is like brand new as is the book itself and all of the pages.

From a UK review: “Let’s browse through it again and pick up some appealing aspects. We like the Baby Peugeot on a typical French road in 1913, the many shots of the rare chain-drive cars, and the engine photographs and drawings are excellent. Bugatti Motor Show stands add interest and one notes that at the 1926 Paris Salon the Lorraine Dietrich and Bugatti stands seem to converge. It was rather unkind to show the BOC President having a difficult moment at a Chalfont hillclimb! At that Salon a GP Bugatti is seen raised on a dais and appears to be covered in race victory plaques. The picture of M Lescure in military uniform showing off his T50 to Army personnel indicates that even in the 1930s the French were using Peugeot Army trucks with oil or gas headlamps. Kaye Don in the 154 in close company with Bertram’s 10 Y2-litre Delage on the Brooklands’ banking gets a full page – Dixon’s “fast Riley” in the background is actually the 9hp “Red Mongrel”. So a fine browsing book . . . With a replacement Bugatti front axle costing nearly 17 times as much, the book is not expensive by such standards.” A lavish and necessary volume for fans of the marque. Comes in handsome slipcase.