Bertone 90 Years 1912-2002


Luciano Greggio


This magnificent book celebrates the first 90 years of the history and design of the Carrozzeria Bertone, retracing and displaying the most significant events in the firm’s long and distinguished life. This story is told in a two volumes (plus slipcase) work, with Volume 1 telling about the ninety years’ history of the “Carrozzeria”, with Volume 2 providing an overwiew of its complete production.

These volumes provide fabulous photos and fascinating commentary on cars from producers such as Lamborghini, Alfa-Romeo, Volvo, Iso, Ferrari, and many other highly desirable and collectible automobiles. The designs are put into perspective with what was happening not only with other top Italian designers of the time, but with what has taking place around the world in terms of design, politics, and history.


Pages: Volume 1: 176; Volume 2: 228

Photos: 137 in b/w and 820 in color – Hardbound, 2 volumes in a slipcase

Text: Italian-English