Automobile Year #63 2015-2016


ed. Christian Philippsen

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New this year magazines articles are referenced throughout the work and collaboration of well known writers from the automotive press (The Team, automotive Figaro, Le Monde, Autosport..
The book is organized around three major themes: industry, motor sport and culture. Each of these three areas is the subject of a comprehensive account of the events that marked the year and a balance sheet-like reflection.
The first part, dedicated to the industry, is divided into three chapters. The “Economy” with a study of the major global markets in the light of the financial crisis. The “Production” which reviews the main innovations made during the past year and assesses the trends of style and technique. and finally the “Creation” which presents an ever wider selection of concept cars, together with a reflection on trends.
The second part, devoted to motorsport, is divided into four main areas: Grand Prix, endurance races, rallies, and American events as in previous editions. Each formula is the subject of an analysis of the forces involved, a summary of each event with their rankings, and results of the season.
The third part concerns Culture. It emphasizes the reciprocal influences between the Automobile and Society, exploring the Automotive influence on artists, artisans and architects all of which attracts collectors and thus cause a thousand unusual and fruitful meetings. The undisputed reference for car enthusiasts and professionals alike.
No English version is being published