Otis Chandler In Pursuit of


Beverly Rae Kimes

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A stunning limited-edition book in celebration of the singular spirit of Otis Chandler athlete, sportsman, businessman, philanthropist, patron, collector, and journalist who pursued uncompromising standards of excellence in all that he did. In addition to 100 extraordinary photographs of the cars and motorcycles of the Chandler collection, this book features essays by noted automobile historian Beverly Rae Kimes and by Randy Leffingwell, author and photographer. While Beverly Rae Kimes offers insights on Otis Chandler s passion for car collecting from his first forays to his last collection, Randy Leffingwell paints a picture of Otis Chandler s dynamic passion for excellence in such arenas as car and motorcycle racing, cycling, and big game hunting. These remarkable essays are complemented with personal photographs capturing spontaneous moments in Otis Chandler s life.