HOLLEY CARBURETOR Installation & Tuning DVD



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If you own a Holley carburetor or would like to learn about the internals of the all-time, most popular modular style carburetor, this is the DVD for you.

It’s the ultimate installation, tuning and troubleshooting guide for the Holley modular style carburetor. This disc will also help tune and troubleshoot any other brand of modular style and some one-piece style carburetors.

The ‘Holley Install & Tuning’ DVD has extensive interactive menus that detail all of the parts of the carb, the tools of the job, and explains the terms that are used for carburetor tuning and service.

– Complete step-by-step installations explained.
– Covers the 4160 vacuum secondary carb, 4150 vacuum & mechanical secondary, as well as 4165 & 4175 spread bores carbs.
– Trouble-shooting section covering bogs, hesitations, cold & hot starting, flooding, misses, backfires, rough idle, etc.
– All tuning procedures covered in detail.
– Intake selection and installation tips.
– Bracket and control cable install instructions.

Menus are full of bonus information and detailed animated tours of carburetor internals and accessory kits.