Alfa Romeo Giulia Coupes Limited Edition Extra




This book, covering the Giulia Coupes of the 60s and 70s provides a handy reference source in a very complicated area of Alfa Romeo history. From the earliest curvaceous coupes by Bertone, through the more aggressively styled Zagato SS to the very special TZ models and on to the final 1750 and 2000 cars with their much quarter styling, the Giulia coupes offer a remarkable variety. In the 1960s and 70s enthusiasts could delight to the sight and sound of the Alfas on the race tracks, but now that they are no longer in production, surviving examples of the Giulia coupes are greatly appreciated by those same enthusiasts. That so many Giulias succumbed to the rust for which Italian cars of the 60s and 70s were notorious only makes the possession of a good example all the more desirable and this book will persuade many more people of the undoubted merits of these sporting coupes. This book traces the progress of ‘one of the greatest coupes of all time as well as one of Alfa’s best cars.