BMW 3 Series Enthusiast’s Comp


Jeremy Walton

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BMW’s 3 Series literally changed the course of the famous Bavarian automaker. The popular 3’er grew out of the highly successful 2002 of the ’60s and carried BMW to a level of success only imagined during the firm’s darkest days at the end of the ’50s.

The BMW 3 Series Enthusiast’s Companion is the benchmark book presenting the many generations of BMW’s bestseller in context, beginning with an overview of BMW’s history and progressing to the series’ origins in the magical 2002. The complete production and sporting story of BMW’s 3 Series from 1975 into 2000 is meticulously researched and carefully written and presented by the same author of Unbeatable BMW and BMW 6 Series Enthusiast’s Companion..

A full account of the sales and motorsport accomplishments of the various 3 Series models is clearly presented, along with complete coverage of all American model years, prices and equipment levels. To further enrich the tale of BMW’s small car sales success, performance figures are presented for North American, as well as British and European 3 Series models, ranging from 316 to M3. Detailed spotter’s and buyer’s guide are included to help identify and select the 3 Series model that’s best for you.

For the casual 3 Series owner or the diehard model enthusiast, this is the essential 3’er book, and the only one you will ever need.