Road & Track Illustrated Automotive Dictionary


John Dinkel

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“The Road & Track Illustrated Automotive Dictionary is an easy-to-use resource that will answer your automotive questions. Alphabetically arranged and fully illustrated, the Road & Track Illustrated Automotive Dictionary will help take the frustration out of decoding a sales brochure, make sense of information downloaded from the internet, or unravel the latest technology detailed in a road test.
Two decades ago, John Dinkel provided tens of thousands of auto journalists, enthusiasts, and car owners with the most comprehensive, indispensable automotive reference of its time. Now, the author has revised and updated that work, including current advances in technology, to create the new standard in automotive references.
With over twice the number of definitions and three times the illustrations of the original Auto Dictionary, this book will be the first source you turn to when answering an automotive-related question. If you need to know the difference between RON and MON octane ratings, or how a “coupe” differs from a two-door sedan, or want to know just what “bump steer” really is, turn to the Automotive Dictionary.

Written in a clear, concise style, the Road & Track Illustrated Automotive Dictionary offers explanations of all things automotive, from basicitems like shock absorbers and backfires, to the complex functioning of fuel injection and antilock braking systems. Whether you’re a hard-core enthusiast or you just want to know what your mechanic is doing to your car, the Road & Track Illustrated Automotive Dictionary is the key automotive reference for your bookshelf.