The Blue Ghost

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Art Giberson

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This is the story of one of the most beloved and decorated aircraft carriers in U.S. Naval history. The book tells about how she came to be named the USS Lexington in 1942, and of her many exploits during World War II and after. It relates the circumstances of her being reported sunk several times by “Tokyo Rose” and why the Lady Lex stood as a formidable symbol of strength and determination during the war. The Blue Ghost destroyed or severely damaged over 900,000 tons of enemy shipping and destroyed more than 1,000 enemy aircraft during World War II. She recorded more arrested landings than any carrier in naval history. Appropriately, she was the first U.S. carrier to enter Tokyo Bay after the surrender. This is a very readable and fascinating account of a remarkable aircraft carrier which was capably commanded and manned, and which won the hearts and admiration of countless men and women she affected throughout her active life. The USS Lexington was decommissioned in November 1991 at Pensacola, Florida, The Cradle of Naval Aviation. She serves today as a popular floating Naval Museum in Corpus Christi, Texas.