Henry Ford, having been rejected by Ferrari, vowed to beat him on the race tracks of the world. It was the spark that ignited what was probably the most exciting era in Fords history which began in 1964. When released in Dearborn the GT40 was probably the prettiest racing car ever designed up to that time. It looked sensational and was undoubtedly very fast, but its aerodynamic performance left much to be desired, as did its reliability. It failed to finish in such events as the Burburgring 1000 kms, Le Mans 24-hour and the Nassau Tourist Trophy, but Ford regarded these outings as part of the learning curve. In 1966 came the much modified Mark 2 version and with this car success started to come Fords way. Henry Fords dream was realized when the three surviving GT40s finished 1-2-3 at Le Mans. Although the GT40 continued to be raced after the 1967 season, it was with private teams rather than from Ford itself, where it became a legend in its own lifetime.