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This is the first of five portfolios covering the story of Aston Martin and tells in detail the life and adventures of early Aston Martin cars. Bamford and Martin started Aston Martin, but after a constant struggle to stay afloat, the company failed in 1925. The Aston Martin name was first rescued by Renwick & Bertelli. In 1933, Gordon Sutherland brought the company into the real world by realizing that if you wanted to go racing you needed to be backed up by a sound financial structure, which was not constantly being drained by the apparent need to maintain a reputation by being seen in competition. By giving support to the many private owners, he did manage to keep the name before the public. This collection of articles from leading automotive magazines covers 1-1/2 Liter, 2 Liter, Ulster, Super Sports, Speed Model, Type C, Le Mans, and International models.