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Photos of aircraft scrap heaps, or “”graveyards””, taken by advancing Allied troops in North Africa and Europe from 1942 onwards, are a subject of proven popularity with aircraft enthusiasts and modelers. These scrap heaps often contained rare mixes of aircraft bearing unit markings and schemes not seen in more conventional and well-known views. Sometimes these photos serve to disprove previous theories.
Where possible, this book provides before and after photos of the aircraft featured, showing it in service as well as in its “”graveyard”” condition. Alongside the photographs are detailed captions describing the close-up views of unit insignia and markings where possible. Aircraft covered in this book include all types – fighters, bombers, nightfighters, transports, and maritime aircraft, and some of the photos feature aircraft shot down over British soil, particularly during the Battle of Britain. Many of the book’s photos also come from the period following the defeat of the Third Reich.”