The Matthews Collection (McLaren)

The Matthews Collection (McLaren)


William Taylor

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Product Description

THE MATHEWS COLLECTION is the first book in a series from Coterie Press Ltd. that will take the reader on a trip around the world visiting some of the greatest car collections. Many of these collections you may well have heard of, some not. You may have been lucky enough to have visited some of them, but for those you will probably never have the opportunity of seeing, this series of books will take you on your own personal guided tour.

The book shows each and every car (and occasional motorbike) forming the collection in full glorious colour, with detail shots and period photographs where possible. All contemporary images are taken by the renowned motoring photographer William Taylor. Technical specifications are covered and the brief and concise text will give you all the details and histories you need to know on the cars in the collection.

The Mathews Collection has built a world-wide reputation as keepers of the McLaren flame. McLaren race cars had a tremendous influence on American and international racing throughout the 60’s and 70’s, and theirs is a large and important piece of racing history. Through restoring, and racing these historic cars the goal of The Mathews Collection is to keep the McLaren memory alive. In addition to the McLaren collection of 14 cars (at the time of publication, the largest private collection in the world) which includes Can-Am, Formula 1, Formula 2, Formula 5000, and Indy cars as well as Bruce’s own personal road car, the Mathews maintain an active collection of many other marques. There are sports cars, single seat formula cars, hot rods, motorcycles and various special interest cars, including world class examples of Ferrari, Corvette, Lotus, Brabham and many others.