Deuce 75 Years of the ’32 Ford


Robert Genat


The 1932 Ford, the Deuce, is among the most important automobiles ever produced. A landmark car for Ford, the ’32 introduced Henry Ford’s groundbreaking V-8 engine, bringing the iconic engine configuration to the masses for the first time. Just as significantly, the ’32 Ford’s myriad body styles and abundant production figures made it the ideal platform for hot rodders and the inspiration for an entire automotive performance industry. Now 75 years after its introduction, the Deuce continues to be the foundation for many a hot rod. Deuce: 75 Years of the 1932 Ford is a complete history of the car as it was built, and as a hot rod and race car. The book covers the design, development and production of the Deuce, including vintage factory photos and details on the cars as they came from the factory. Deuce also relates the story of the car as a race car and as the hot rod of choice for generations of hop-up enthusiasts. Sidebars will explore the personalities and companies that have helped the Deuce become a pop culture phenomenon and a focal point of the automotive enthusiast community.