If Hemingway Wrote Race Novel


Richard Nisley

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THE BEST OF MOTOR RACING FICTION: 1950-2000. Sixteen short stories and excerpts from the best automotive racing fiction written between 1950 and 2000. IF HEMINGWAY HAD WRITTEN A RACING NOVEL provides behind the scene accounts of the action, adventure and romance ’round the track. Richard Nisley has brought together, in a single book, the most significant automotive writers of the 20th century, for a raucous ride to the checkered flag. Amazon reviewer W. Barker says: RICH NISLEY’S IF HEMINGWAY HAD WRITTEN A RACING NOVEL is a first-class collection of motor racing fiction. Each of these stories, excerpts of course, made me feel like the proverbial kid in the candy store with nose to glass. This is a very well thought out gathering of stories that will inspire you to delve into these great books and enjoy well written novels about racing drivers, cars, and series from around the globe, literally Grands Prix to small-town circle tracks. Mine is a glowing review of Nisley’s excellent collection because the book deserves it. He has done much more than organize a wonderful anthology; he has reawakened avid motor racing readers like myself to a largely untapped treasure chest of great motor racing stories. My encouragement to any reader is don’t miss this racing book. You will not be disappointed. And don’t miss his novel, THE RAGGED EDGE.