How to Ride and Win


Bud Ekins

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” “How to Ride and Win” was a project of Don Brown and Evan Aiken, editors for Cycle Magazine 1956. Brown was the ghost-writer for much of the text, and took the lead in research and development of the manuscript. He conducted lengthy interviews with the riders. A friend who flew airplanes and had a 25mm movie camera, took him out to the desert and to scrambles courses and spent days shooting film. In addition to chapters by the four top-tier riders, the book contains over 65 photographs, many of which are stills from motion pictures. Bud Ekins tells of his trips to England and France to race scrambles in the 1950s. He felt his skills improved tremendously from riding in the Old World and he encouraged Americans to make the journey to Europe to ride, a radical idea for 1956.
The racers chronicled in the book were John McLaughlin, Chuck Minert, and Bud Ekins, all contemporaries with whom Brown competed in Southern California, and Don Pink, who lived in Yonkers, New York. Don Pink would write letters, about how he mastered the Jack Pine and other Eastern competitions. Evan Aiken was responsible for editing the material.. Bob Bates, who owned a leathers manufacturing company, loaned them $5,000 to help with the first printing of 5,000 copies, then Floyd Clymer bought another 5,000 to sell through the mail. It was a very successful project, though none of the participants made any money from it.

No one could have realized during the development of the book that four of its five main contributors – Brown, Ekins, McLaughlin, and Minert — would all end up becoming members of the Motorcycle Hall of Fame.

This is a must have for the student or fan of American Motorcycle history, not just because it so beautifully depicts a golden era, but due to the important contributions each of the subjects have made to the sport.

This is a new printing of the book with an additional story about Catalina Racing and a forward by Dave Ekins.