Porsche by Design Seducing Speed


Ken Gross

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The distinctive viewpoints of the thirteen contributing authors – from the driver’s seat of a 917 at Le Mans to the helm of the design offices in Zuffenhausen – bring the story of Porsche design alive

First and only exhibition in a US fine art museum to focus on the design legacy of Porsche

Porsche by Design, a collection of personal perspectives on Porsche, accompanies the first automotive design exhibition at the North Carolina Museum of Art. Editor and guest curator Ken Gross provides detailed descriptions of the twenty-two automobiles in the exhibition. These superlative examples of the signature Porsche design principles – minimalism, aerodynamic fluidity, and technical innovation – illustrate the history of this unique manufacturer, from the 1930s to the present day.

The catalogue is illustrated with exquisite photography by Michael Furman, Peter Harholdt, and Art Howard, as well as remarkable images and posters from the Porsche Museum Archives in Stuttgart.

Contents: Introduction, Ken Gross; Porsche Engineering: The Beginning, Karl Ludvigsen; Porsche and the Conquest of the Air, Dan Neil; Restoration Notes, Cam Ingram; Why Porsche, Ken Gross; Porsche through the Lens, Jeff Zwart; In the Driver’s Seat, Denise McCluggage; The Glory of Goodwood, Cameron Healy; Rethinking Speed, Pete Lyons; To Porsche, with Love, Derek Bell; Automotive Restoration in the Twenty-First Century, Miles C. Collier; Style Porsche: From the Past to the Future, Michael Mauer; All Porsche Is Divided into Three Parts, Robert Cumberford; Porsche 911: A Fine Sense of Style, Randy Leffingwell; Behind the Wheel of the Porsche GT3 R Hybrid, Dan Neil.

Ken Gross, renowned automotive journalist and museum consultant, is former director of the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles and has been a Pebble Beach Concours judge for twenty-five years. He is the guest curator of Porsche by Design: Seducing Speed at the North Carolina Museum of Art.