911 Love 50 Years of Porsche 911


Edwin Baaske

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“Published in celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Porsche 911. Since the introduction in 1963 Porsche has set the standard for sports cars. Ferdinand Alexander Porsche’s shape of the 911 is still unique and instantly recognizable anywhere.

Everything has been said about the Porsche 911, it’s engineering as well as the history. Nevertheless, the fascination of this model continues.

This lavish photo book for the 50th anniversary portrays an exceptional dialogue between man and car. It is a book full of passion and love for the 911. Unusual experiences and adventures, gripping stories about exceptional 911 owners from all over the world and their unique vehicles are assembled in this book. The racing history is also well documented.

Of course there is a focus on history as well. Great people like Harm Laagay, Michael Mauer, Oliver and Wolfgang Porsche have made their contributions. But equally important are the contributions of those who love the 911 – men and women from the U.S. to Germany; from the United Arab Emirates to Japan.

911 Love is published in close cooperation with Porsche and – just like the 911 50 years ago – will be presented at the opening of the International Automobil-Ausstellung (IAA) 2013 in Frankfort on Main.

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360 pages