I Love Ferrari


Ercole Colombo and Pino Alliev

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Ferrari is a religion without limits that continues to fascinate and attract. The multitude of Ferrari Clubs in every corner of the globe are not only their headquarters, but also places where fans can get together. These demanding Ferrari fans expect tremendous expertise and knowledge of the Ferrari “public”: Ercole Colombo and Pino Allievi are experts on this subject and have both had many years of experience with Formula 1 and have a very special knowledge of Ferrari.

I Love Ferrari brings together the unique, fascinating story of the Ferrari myth and the emotion of its fans. Ercole Colombo’s images are high-quality photographs that capture the split second in which a simple visual documentary record becomes profound insight into the event itself.

With over 500 Gran Prix and 35 years of career to his name, Ercole Colombo is the number one follower of Formula 1. Witnessed throughout his photographs, which are published in a number of magazines, is the history and protagonists of this “great circus.” He has also published numerous books.