Formula 1 World Champions


Rainer W. Schlegelmilch

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“Text by Hartmut Lehbrink and foreword by Bernie Ecclestone

No book can come closer to the roaring fascination of this sport
A highlight for all fans of Formula 1 and its rich history of triumph and tragedy
‘Formula 1 World Champions’ has them all: 32 heroes from over six decades

The most thrilling show on earth“, as Bernie Ecclestone describes Formula 1 in his foreword, constantly brings forth new heroes. Drivers who stand out because of their special skills, great courage and willingness to push things to the limit at all times. The 32 world champions since 1950 have all reached the Olympian heights of Formula 1 in their own way. It is they who put a face to this dynamic sport. The spectrum ranges from the charismatic maturity of a Juan Manuel Fangio to the impetuous youthfulness of a Sebastian Vettel. Drawing on their experience of over five decades, Rainer W. Schlegelmilch and Hartmut Lehbrink portray the giants of the race track. Stunning photographs and well-informed texts bring glorious triumphs like those of serial winner Michael Schumacher to vibrant life, as well as recalling the tragic accidents of drivers like Jim Clark and Ayrton Senna. Over a span of more than sixty years you, the reader, are right there amidst the action – in the pit lane or even in the cockpit of a car. You can trace the development of the racing car, of the staging of racing events and, by no means least, of the people who have left their stamp on Formula 1. All this makes “Formula 1 World Champions“ a very special journey through time.

All this makes Formula 1 World Champions a very special journey through time.
Text in English and German