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The Liftwaffe’s Influence on Modern Aircraft Design

Did Germany lose the war but win the space race?

Innovative aircraft designs that came off German drawing boards during World War II may not have helped the Third Reich last a thousand years, but the designs may just influence aircraft design for that long.

Innovations that include things such as swept wings, delta wings, T-tails, VTOL, as well as jet and rocket engines all find their origins on German drawing boards. Post war aircraft such as the MIG-15,and North American F-86 Sabre as well as the Concorde, Lockheed B-2, the Space Shuttle, and even modern sailplanes all owe elements of their design to WWII German engineers and designers.

This book examines those wartime German contributions and puts them into the broader context of post war aircraft designs that were created by aerospace engineers in Europe, the Soviet Union and North and South America.

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