1957-12964 Pontiac Oldsmobile Rear Ends


Zach Davidson and Brad Duerst


A comprehensive book including history, identification, step by step rebuilding and blueprinting. Delivered with a 1960’s drag racing theme and vintage photos. Appealing to restorers, racers and today’s rodders.
Easy to read, spiral bound, ONE OF KIND!!

A must for any vintage gasser, nostalgia 1955 1956 1957 Chevy, front engine dragster, or old school hot rod project.
This will also cover any concourse Pontiac or Oldsmobile rear end restoration.
Detailed posi, spool, gear and axle information.

If you have your Hilborn injection, 671 blower and Halibrands, all you need now is your Pontiac Oldsmobile differential.
We have 9.3 inches, what do you have?