Weekends of Glory


Martin Rudow


This is volume two (following “Long Straights And Hairpin Turns”) of a history of sports car racing in the Pacific Northwest. This book covers the glory years, when some of the best racers in the world came and raced on our tracks. Mark Donahue, Dan Gurney, the Chaparral cars, the Can-Am series — it was world-class racing.

Sadly, those days are past. The tracks back then were already a bit too dangerous for the speeds of those cars, and race cars only got faster and faster. These days only Portland International Raceway hosts any top-level sports car or formula racing.

But the stories and pictures of those heady days when tens of thousands of fans would come to see the heroes of motorsport run in places like Pacific Raceways and Westwood still exist, and Martin Rudow has collected and published them.