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Fans of car racing, especially the elite Formula One format, will get a rush from the excellent documentary Senna, a profile of the rock star-handsome Brazilian driver Ayrton Senna. But Senna is a film that all audiences can enjoy–because of its big heart and its engaging portrayal of its star. And the riveting footage of Senna’s Formula One races, and his knife-edge daring behind the wheel, don’t hurt either. Ayrton Senna grew up in Brazil, where he began his love affair with driving as a competitive go-kart racer at the age of 13. Senna follows young Ayrton’s journey into full-fledged racing, and allows Senna’s gentle personality to shine through as he begins to make his name in racing circles. The viewer learns that Senna loved the Catholic Church almost as much as he loved racing, and his humility and his ongoing love for his fellow Brazilians, especially those in poverty, would be themes that lasted throughout his life. Senna would go on to become one of Formula One’s best and most accomplished competitors ever–and his steely nerves and willingness to take risks on the track paid off in Grand Prix after Grand Prix. Senna, deftly directed by Asif Kapadia (Far North, The Warrior), lets the singular personality and charisma of Senna–and the spectacular theatrics of F-1 racing–tell his story without any forced drama or fanfare. Though Senna’s racing career would be far too short, his legacy lives on, and Senna is a gripping reminder of how blazing a talent can be–even behind the wheel of a car.