Return to Bonneville


Steven Kingsbury


As I state in the beginning of this documentary,” THE AUSTIN HEALEY IS AN AMAZING AUTOMOBILE.” It has an uncanny ability to bring our something very special in the people and the community that surround it. So when got word that people within the community were bringing two cars to the Bonneville Salt Flats, configured as they were in 1954, I knew I had to be there. In the night I found out, Christmas Eve 2008, I immediately emailed Patrick Quinn in Australia requesting permission to videotape this event. In the end, not only was I invited to shoot, I was even outfitted with official Team Healy attire when I met up with them on the inspection road. I had never met anyone in this group before, but almost immediately I felt a part of this team. As soon as introductions were completed my friend and fellow cameraman Dann Alari and I started recording this historic undertaking. We did not stop until the cars were retur4ned to their trailers on the final day. Early on I learned that this venture was designed as a tribute to Donald Healey. Land Speed records were not the goal of this trip as they were in 1954. This trip was all about honoring this amazing marque and the people who made and make it so. It was quite the journey, and for two guys chasing everyone around on the slat with cameras at the ready, Dann and I brought home enough footage to pass along a very good and comprehensive story of Team Healey’s Return to Bonneville. Enjoy the Ride.

Steven Kingsbury

The bonus DVD is a record of the dinner presentation hosted by Team Healey at the Wendover Community Center. History, preparations and expectations are all discussed here, including a question and answer period with those present.