Moby and the Warhehouse Gang Moby and the Warhorse Gang


The award winning PORSCHE 935 – Moby and the Warhorse Gang, the story of the 935 as seen through the eyes of the highly successful Porsche shop Garretson Enterprises. The 935s they prepared won Sebring 3 times in a row, the Daytona 24, the IMSA Championship, and the World Endurance Driver’s Championship.

Made with the cooperation of the Porsche Archive, and co-written by team member/Porsche guru Bruce Anderson, the production has been digitally re-mastered for release on DVD. Porsche fans will appreciate the almost 4 hours of this well-produced video!.

Using a movie-within-a-movie format, it combines footage from back in the day with recent elements, such as a reunion of the Garretson team, a test day at Sears Point/Infineon, a dyno run, and culminates in the reuniting of John Fitzpatrick with his 1980 IMSA championship car at the 1998 Monterey Historics. Also: driver feedback on how to drive the 935 in the dry and in the wet, the team’s approach to preparation, the volunteer aspect that contributed so much to the team’s success