Round-Engine Racers Bearcats & Corsairs – RaceplaneTech Volume 2


Nicholas A. Veronico


Racing Bearcats and Corsairs examines two of the most competitive types of air racers flown at the Cleveland Air Races (1946-1949) and today’s National Championship Air Races, held each year at Reno, Nevada. Bearcats, often modified with engines nearly twice their original horsepower, have dominated Reno beginning in the 1960s and have continued a winning tradition with Lyle Shelton’s Rare Bear. Heavily modified Corsairs were the dominant aircraft in the post World War II races, and at Reno, the Super Corsair was the bent wing bird to beat. Racing Bearcats and Corsairs examines what it takes to field a sound engine racer. It details modifications which are made to the powerplants and airframes, and, based on interviews with the pilots and crew chiefs, provides a first-hand account of the fastest motor sport. For military and aviation enthusiasts:- Great photos and illustrations of Reno racing plane design and development – Fantastic racing history of the Bearcat and Corsair – First-hand stories and racing accounts from pilots, engineers and crew members – Includes details on engine and airframe modifications plus racing fuels.