How to Super Tune


Wayne Smothers

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This DVD is great for the first time engine builder/novice but is geared towards the person that knows how to install a crank, rods, pistons, and knows how to torque down a cylinder head correctly, but wants to take their engine building to the next level……
These questions are answered in the video………….

What is quench distance??? and why is it so important in a pump gas motor??? (or any motor, for that matter)

If you advance the timing on your motor at idle, and the idle speed picks up, why does it pick up??? Think about that for a minute…….If you’re not adding air or fuel, why does the RPM pick up???

Do you know why and how changing the float level affects the fuel curve???

Do you know how to figure out how much timing your motor wants at idle??? and do you know why initial timing is so important???

Do you think that if the power valve number is higher than your manifold vacuum (at idle) it’ll dump fuel into your motor at idle?????

If you don’t know all the answers to those questions, you’d learn a LOT by purchasing this video……..

The video covers what blue printing is, why and how to check lifter rotation, the pro’s and con’s of hydraulic, solid, flat tappet and roller camshafts, how to measure for correct pushrod length, reversion, fuel fall out, air speed, power valves, quench, detonation, camshaft degreeing with a timing chain and gear drive, how to adjust valves, how to use and tune with an O2 sensor, how to figure out how much initial and total timing your motor wants, how to use a dial back timing light, how to curve a distributor, why float level is important, and how to fire a motor for the first time……….