Husqvarna Success


Gunnar Lindstrom


“Gunnar Lindstrom has created a 236-page masterpiece on the history of the Swedish-born dirt bikes titled Husqvarna Success. The book is broken down into 12 chapters that segment Husky’s story into significant time periods, culminating in BMW’s purchase of the company in 2007. It also has a complete list of championships won and a graph that illustrates unit sales from as early as 1910. It’s graced with color photos and even more black-and-white shots from vintage eras. Among the intricate details of new models is a woven tale of engineers, corporate men and racers who helped make the brand great. Ultimately it’s a story about people – and passion.

Forewords provided by Torsten Hallman and Malcolm Smith get things started, and from there, 14 years of research and writing play out on the pages. Gunnar worked and raced for Husqvarna in his early career, which lends enormous insight and personal connectivity to the story.