TIG Welding Fundamentals DVD


David Bird


TIG Machine Overview Tungsten Sizes & Grinding Fill Rod Feeding Technique Machine Settings Steel, Aluminum & Stainless Types of Joints Practice Methods Filling Holes Motorcycle Mounts Welding Sheetmetal David Bird takes you step-by-step through TIG welders and the TIG welding process in this new DVD featuring ‘through-the-hood’ close-up views of the weld beads, allowing you to see exactly how beautiful beads that look like a stack of dimes are made. With everything from a basic TIG overview to techniques for holding the torch and feeding fill rod, to techniques and settings for welding aluminum and stainless steel, this DVD is an ideal source of information for the new and experienced welder alike. This dvd is perfect if you are already welding or are thinking about learning to weld. We were unable to find any welding dvds available where you could actually see the weld bead in progress instead of just bright light. We were able to accomplish this feat, giving you unparalleled views of the weld bead, seeing exactly how it is controlled and manipulated for a beautiful, strong weld! TIG Welding Fundamentals is a Region 0 DVD and will play world-wide.