MIG Welding Fundamentals DVD


David Bird


MIG Machine Overview Fine Tune your Settings Welding Steel Types of Joints Practice Methods Filling Holes Boxing Frame Rails Motorcycle Mounts “Whether you are new to MIG welding or are an experienced welder (or think you are!), David Bird is sure to teach you something new in this comprehensive MIG Welding Fundamentals DVD. With a ‘through-the-hood’ close-up view of the weld in progress, and all the information to get you on your way to being an ace welder, this DVD is all killer, no filler. Not only teaching you MIG welding, David takes it a step further and shows you some practical applications such as boxing a hot rod’s frame rails and assorted types of welding used for fabricating mounts on a custom motorcycle frame.” This dvd is perfect if you are already welding or are thinking about learning to weld. We were unable to find any welding dvds available where you could actually see the weld bead in progress instead of just bright light. We were able to accomplish this feat, giving you unparalleled views of the weld bead, seeing exactly how it is controlled and manipulated for a beautiful, strong weld! MIG Welding Fundamentals is a Region 0 DVD and will play world-wide.