The Illustrated Corvette Series: A History of the Corvette from 1953-2010


Scott Teeters


The Chevrolet Corvette began its storied existence in 1953 as an almost haphazard attempt at building an American sports car to rival the European offerings of the time. Since then, its history has ebbed and flowed with the times, with stunning peaks and valleys of design, horsepower, and quality. It has grown to be an American icon, representing the capability of domestic engineering on the streets and racetracks of the world.

The entire history of the car is represented on the pages of The Illustrated Corvette in artful style. Author/artist Scott Teeters delivers well-researched facts and figures on all of the production Corvettes to date, and many of the remarkable racing cars, special editions, concept cars, and tuner variants crafted over the years. Additionally, the author offers his passionate review of a potential new Corvette design.

  1. Anyone who has ever admired a Corvette (either from afar or from the enviable position behind the wheel) will appreciate and enjoy The Illustrated Corvette. The thoughtful opinions and facts presented, teamed with the incredibly detailed artwork, makes this book a truly unique offering.