Porsche: The Rally Story


Laurence Meredith


Porsche Rally History is a subject that any rally fan will find compelling. Written by lifelong Porsche enthusiast, Laurence Meredith, who is an acknowledged authority on the activities of the Zuffenhausen company, the book is a comprehensive study of Porsche. From the company’s earliest days in the 1930s, the book gives a brief history of the glorious Auto-Union Grand Prix cars designed by Prof Porsche before detailing the miseries and triumphs of the company in the aftermath of war. Throughout the late 1940s and early 1950s, Porsche struggled to survive, but unshakeable faith in the design of the 356 led to success in both circuit racing and rallying. With the advent of the 911 in 1964, Porsche had produced a car with the potential to win sporting events at all levels. The 911’s sporting record speaks for itself, and demonstrates that the carÊ is the finest and most versatile of all sports cars.ÊMeredith’s book is written with affection, appreciation and authority – and criticism where it is due – and will make an invaluable addition to any rallying or Porsche enthusiast’s library.